"God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him."
(1 Jn 4:16)

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2012 Personal Reading
Divine Intimacy: Meditations on the Interior Life for Every Day of the Liturgical Year  by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.
I read passages of this book during Lent. It is excellent.

The Dyslexic Advantage: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain by Brock L. Eide, M.D., M.A. and Fernette F. Eide, M.D. 
I found this book very informative.

The Father's Tale by Michael O'Brien
This book had some good points; however, I feel that Michael O'Brien could have omitted certain parts. I personally can not recommend it.

Lessons at Blackberry Inn: Adventures with the Gentle Art of Learning by Karen Andreola 
This was a light enjoyable read.

The Mirror of True Womanhood by Msgr. Bernard O'Reilly, D.D., L.D.

Modern Saints: Their Lives and Faces by Ann Ball

The Quiet Light: A Novel About Saint Thomas Aquinas by Louis de Wohl 

Revelations of St Bridget: On the Life and Passion of Our Lord and the Life of His Blessed Mother by St. Bridget of Sweden

The Seven Last Words by Fulton J. Sheen

This Tremendous Lover by M. Eugene Boylan 

Uniformity with God's Will by St. Alphonsus de Ligouri
I highly recommend this short, inexpensive, easy to read booklet.

We and Our Children: How to Make a Catholic Home by Mary Reed Newland

Your Labor of Love by Agnes M. Penny


  1. That's an impressive list. How do you find the time to read?

  2. Hi Eva,
    As I'm sure you know, it is hard to find quiet time to read when you are a mother. I grab whatever time I can get. The best times for me to read are: Before the children are awake in the morning, after they are in bed at night, or during my daughters' violin and piano lessons. The latter is my favorite time to read, but it is only possible if my baby is napping.

  3. That is indeed an impressive list! Thank you for posting it - I always enjoy your book posts and appreciate your recommendations.

  4. Thanks for the reply. Mornings are not my best time for reading, I try to do some in the evenings, but often I am too tired.

  5. Thank you, Kimberlee.

    You're welcome, Eva. I understand being too tired. :)


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