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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Chesterton for Second Graders?

Bernadette: "Mommy, please will you put The Ballad of the White Horse on hold at the library?"

Me: "No, it's too old for you."

Bernadette: "But I am reading the Outlaws of Ravenhurst, again, and on the back of the book it says that students really like this book."

Bernadette is my avid reader who enjoys discussing what she has read. She often surprises us with not only what she has chosen to read, but also with her insights. Nevertheless, I will still wait to get The Ballad of the White Horse.


  1. I have a hard time knowing what is appropriate for my advanced reader sometimes, too. She's read, voraciously, most of what we have in the house - and that *isn't* chump change! I'm thanking God for the Library.

  2. Did she get it? Like it? I'm going to suss it out, too.

  3. She definitely likes Outlaws of Ravenhurst.


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