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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Children's Music

Ever since I can remember, my children have referred to classical music as "children's music". They will invariably ask to listen to children's music when we are driving somewhere. Recently, as I took my two eldest to a birthday party, Patrick exclaimed, "Mommy, I really like this children's music. Can we listen to it again?"

Unfortunately, we could not listen to the music again as I had the radio turned to a classical station. However, I did take note of the composer and the piece that was being played. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived home, my brain could no longer remember the exact name of the piece. What I do remember is that the piece was based on a Hungarian Folk theme by Franz Liszt. I guess it's time to start checking some CDs of Liszt's music out from the library. My little boy is bound to let me know what he likes.


  1. Judy in Bothell12:44 PM

    KING-FM has a web site where you can find what they were playing. This is just so fantastic that your children enjoy music like this.

  2. Thank you for the tip. I will check their website.

  3. That is SO great!!!


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