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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Violin Recital

After seven weeks of lessons, Bernadette participated in her first violin recital on November 13.  Catherine accompanied her on the piano.  Bernadette played Mary had a Little Lamb and part of Long, Long Ago.  I was happy that she and her sister were able to coordinate playing the latter piece, as it was given to them on Monday, November 8.

Bernadette enjoys practicing and picking out songs by ear. At her last lesson, she started learning to play the G scale and a few Christmas songs. She is looking forward to playing Silent Night and is happy to be able to play Good King Wenceslas.

On another note, I know that Advent only starts on November 28, but I think that it might be time for us to pull out some of our Christmas books, including Good King Wenceslas to complement Bernadette's (and Catherine's) music practice. I am sure that my little ones will appreciate it. 


  1. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Both Bernadette and Catherine did a beautiful job. I'm very proud of my talented nieces! Love Aunt Toto

  2. Bernadette, that was lovely! I am 'wowed' that you've only recently started lessons and can already sound so smooth and non-squeaky. :) Hope you continue on. God Bless.

  3. Thank you, Aunt Toto and Mrs. Ryalls.

  4. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Great Job to both Catherine and Bernadette. Beautifully done! Hope they continue down their musical paths. Love to all of your family.


  5. Thank you, Uncle Steve.

  6. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Uncle Douglas thought the music was from "Hollywood" as he listened from the couch. We are both amazed how beautifully Bernadette played along with her talented accompanist. Tres bien! We are looking forward to a home concert when we visit next. Love, Aunt Laurie and Uncle Douglas


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