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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Nordic Ware Cakes

Our eldest received a Nordic Ware Fairytale Cottage Bundt Pan for Christmas and she wasted no time in using it.  First, she made, what we called a "Christmas Cottage" for her youngest brother's birthday.  She used the gingerbread cake recipe that came with the bundt pan, adding a few Betty Crocker Holly Berry Decor sprinkles, and it tasted delicious.

Next, she made a cake for one of her sisters' birthdays.  This time, we called it a "Butterfly Cottage".  She used a Four Egg Cake recipe adapted from the Joy of Cooking, adding a few Holly Berry Decor sprinkles again.  We drizzled a powdered sugar and lemon glaze over it and dusted it with powdered sugar.  It was a deliciously sweet treat.

I am very impressed with the quality of this Nordic Ware bundt pan and the results that my daughter has gotten in using it.  I hope to expand her (or our) personal collection and purchase the Nordic Ware Spring Lamb 3-D Cake Mold before Easter.  We used to buy a lamb cake from the friend of a girl for whom I tutored and serve it for dessert on Easter Sunday.  I want to revive this tradition.


  1. She did a fabulous job! We have Nordic Ware cathedral bundt pan which we use for our "crown" cakes. We're very pleased.

    And it isn't it neat that this company has been around so long? This is the brand that Helen McLoughlin suggests using in her books like "My Nameday, Come for Dessert". What a delight to find they are still around when so many things change!

  2. Dear Christine,
    These are really GREAT cakes. Your daughter did a fantastic job.
    I have wanted to get one of those lamb cakes since,well forever, but I don't know anywhere in Aus that sells them and I always leave it way to late to order form the US.
    Many blessings

  3. great looking cakes!!


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