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(1 Jn 4:16)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Days on the Farm

Yesterday, we went to Barnes and Noble to buy Suzanne's recommendation. As we perused the bookshelves, Brendan spied Days on the Farm by Kim Lewis. Ever since my oldest was three, we have been checking Kim Lewis' books out at the library. I happily took the book off the shelf. When I saw the stories that are included in this anthology and the price, I knew that we would be buying it. What I did not know was how well this book would be received by my children.

Last night, before bed, I read the following stories twice to four of my little ones: Floss, Friends, The Shepherd Boy, One Summer Day, and Emma's Lamb. They enjoyed listening to these simple stories that depict farm life in Northumberland, England. They also enjoyed looking at the pictures of the "shepherd dogs" (as Patrick calls them), the sheep, the chickens, etc.

I liked The Shepherd Boy. With gentle pictures and a loving story line, Kim Lewis depicts a young boy's desire to be a shepherd like his father. Patrick liked it, too. As I write, he is standing next to me turning the pages of the book and telling me the story of the "shepherd boy". Perhaps, a dog will be my boys' best friend one day.


  1. We love Kim Lewis, too. Thanks for the heads up on the anthology.

  2. You're welcome! If you decide to purchase the book from Barnes and Noble, don't forget to use your educator's discount.


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