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(1 Jn 4:16)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cowgirl Party

Elizabeth has wanted a cowgirl birthday party ever since one of her brothers had a cowboy party at the beginning of the year. Since I had plenty of advance notice from her and was feeling like I had a little energy, I decided that a cowgirl party would definitely be doable. First she needed a cowgirl outfit. My "tall drink of water" thought that her skirt was a little bit short. Thankfully, my friend, Heather, gave her a longer cowgirl skirt.

Heather also loaned us some of her banners and I made one too. I also hung homemade horse posters around the house. Some of the little girls delighted in seeing the horses. As one of the girls walked into the kitchen, she exclaimed, "Oh, there's another horse in here!"

The girls ate hot dogs and chips for lunch. They drank root beer and/or apple cider.

All of the cowgirls had fun playing pin the tail on the horse.

The cake and ice cream were enjoyed by everyone.

So was the opening of the presents. Elizabeth appreciated each and every present that she received. She was fascinated by the necklace that her friend, Madeline, made for her and the "jewels" that Madeline included in the little box with the necklace. What little girl wouldn't be excited by such a present?

Party favors came from Oriental Trading Company and included pink bandanas, badges, and cowgirl necklaces.

I know that my little girl had a great time with her friends. She is blessed to have a lot of little friends who are similar in age to her at our parish. May God bless all of them!


  1. Oh, what a wonderful party for a sweet girl! Elizabeth is blessed indeed with so many little girl friends.

  2. Thank you, Kimberlee. Elizabeth is already talking about what she wants to do for her party next year. :)


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