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(1 Jn 4:16)

Friday, February 06, 2015

Daily Homeschool Schedule

As our family grew and I started homeschooling more and more of our children, I realized that we needed a schedule to keep both my children and me on track. Recently, a friend asked me what our daily homeschool schedule looked like. I told her, but I thought that a visual might be better. With this in mind, I am sharing a slightly modified version of our homeschool schedule below (no need to share when we are out and about). We use the schedule as a guide and allow for the fact that family life can be messy. In other words, the schedule is flexible.

This same friend also asked how I homeschool seven children with a toddler and baby in tow. I have already shared that I homeschool by the grace of God. What she wanted to know was what I do with my baby and toddler when I am working with my older children. So, I told her. Several years ago, at a local Catholic homeschooling conference, the same question was asked of another mother of nine children. She responded that when the little ones weren't with her, taking a nap, or occupied with an activity close by, she had her older children take turns watching the little ones. I knew when I heard Julie's response that I needed to follow her lead. Each day, when needed, my children are told to play with their youngest brothers for half an hour. I set the timer for half an hour and one of the children plays with the little ones. When that half hour is up, I set the timer again, and the next child plays with the little ones. This is done throughout the day as necessary. It's a win-win situation for everyone. My little boys are entertained, my older children get a relaxing break, and I can homeschool knowing that my little ones are being supervised. In a way, it's what we have always done.


  1. I love those colors! You eat an early lunch, what time do you eat dinner?

    1. Thanks, Eva. We eat dinner at 5 (2 hours earlier than we did when I was a child). We get to bed early too because my husband wakes and leaves for work super early. Some of the people who he needs to contact are on the East Coast, and he likes to be able to contact them first thing.

    2. Eva, I should have also mentioned that my husband also likes to leave early so that he doesn't get stuck in traffic. If he left later, it could take him 30 to 45 minutes longer to get to work and coming home could take an hour longer.

    3. Your traffic must be as bad as here in Southern California! Peter right now needs 25 to 30 minutes to get to campus, when the traffic is bad, it easily is 45 minutes. At home in NY he walks for five minutes :).


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