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(1 Jn 4:16)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Travelers are in London

Well, the travelers (my older sister and my eldest son) left last night. We are all missing my son's smiling face.

My sister and Brendan called a few minutes ago to say that they had arrived safely in London and were waiting for their connecting flight at Heathrow. My sister shared that Brendan is very excited, wired, and has not stopped moving (he's always had a hard time staying still). She also told me that his bug vacuum was confiscated, as it looked too much like a gun. Oops, I guess we should have packed it in his suitcase. We will hopefully hear from them tonight (tomorrow morning for them) before they take a little plane to see my dad.

Cross-posted here. Brendan asked me to record his visit to my dad there.

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  1. Oh how great, I'm so glad you heard from them already :) How silly about the bug vacuum! I love your geography blog too, what a great idea! Love,


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