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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

A Pleasant Surprise

On Saturday, I received a package from Catholic Embroidery. When I saw who it was from, I commented, "I didn't order anything." When I opened it up, I was very thankful because I have been needing what I received. The box contained these wonderful notecards and a thank you from Mary, one of Catholic Embroidery's family members, for linking to them from my blog. I am not an affiliate of Catholic Embroidery; rather, I am a happy customer who is thankful for the products that they provide to Catholic families.

Catholic Embroidery is a small family-owned company that produces and sells a variety of quality, often custom-designed items that make great baptism, birthday, and Christmas gifts. Over the past few years, we have purchased a number of items from this great company to give as presents to family and friends. I have also received some presents that have been purchased through Catholic Embroidery. One of the items that we purchased was a beautiful, personalized baby blanket that we gave to one of my godchildren as a baptism present.

One year, our eldest daughter received a custom-embroidered missal cover as a present. She was happy to help us choose the image and words that she wanted on it, and was delighted with how the missal cover looked when it arrived (my husband and I were impressed). The missal cover still looks great after approximately four years of use and Catherine has commented more than once on how much she likes it.

Two of my daughters and I have also received embroidered aprons which look great. The aprons do a good job of protecting our clothes in the kitchen and they wash well. More importantly, we like them.

We also have a key fob from Catholic Embroidery that is invaluable to us. Our front door has a deadbolt and the key fob prevents us from losing the key. I have also been known to wear the key fob on my wrist when we play outside or go to the beach. Prior to getting the key fob, I am embarrassed to say that I locked our children and myself out of the house on more than one occasion.

Catholic Embroidery has many more well-made, Catholic-oriented items available. I look forward to using the pretty notecards and continuing to turn to Catholic Embroidery when we need a special gift for a family member, godchild, or friend. May God bless the wonderful family behind Catholic Embroidery and may their business continue to flourish!


  1. What a lovely resource, thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome, Allison. Catholic Embroidery truly is a lovely resource.


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