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Thursday, January 15, 2015

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I thought that the Christmas tree that my husband and oldest son chose this year looked very pretty (it still does). Unfortunately, we forgot to take a photo of the tree with the presents under it this year.


Our little girl was happy to receive a mantilla and doll stroller for Christmas. She had wanted a doll stroller for her birthday, but I hadn't been able to find one that was tall enough. Around the end of November, I saw this stroller at Costco for a very reasonable price, and I knew that she would like it. She is looking forward to taking lots of walks with me around our neighborhood pushing her stroller.

The face that my son is making in the background was intentional on his part. He thought it would be amusing to make a disappointed looking face, even though he was actually happy.

My friend, Elena, is responsible for letting me know where I could find the pretty mantilla for Elizabeth and her sisters. Thank you, Elena.


During our Christmas vacation, we made gingerbread houses. Doing so has become an annual tradition in our family. Anyway, after finishing the gingerbread houses, we all left the dining room. A little while later, Kieran came and asked me to clean his red hands and face. He had eaten the red icing that our oldest son had used to make a brick path leading to one of the gingerbread houses. He had also eaten several candies off of two of the gingerbread houses. We all marveled and laughed at the fact that he had left one of the three gingerbread houses fully intact. He didn't touch the gingerbread house that he had helped his daddy and his brother make.


Kilian is my first child who has had to have his hair cut before he is a year old. He enjoyed eating a cheese stick while I gave his hair a little trim. He looks more like a little boy than a baby boy now, but his hair is no longer in his eyes.


  1. The red icing fiasco is awesome! You have a beautiful family, thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, that is a lovely tree! Such a 'perfect' shape. That's too funny about the one untouched gingerbread house. And that's a very pretty, unique mantilla!

    1. Thank you, Kimberlee. It is the first mantilla that our little girl will actually wear throughout Mass.


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