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Friday, June 19, 2009

Mrs. Murphy Prayer Request Update

+Thy Kingdom Come!+

Dear Fellow Catholic Homeschoolers:

Thank you for your prayers for Mrs. Murphy and the Murphy family! Mrs. Murphy got some preliminary results, the first surgery did not get all the cancer cells, and so she will have to go in for another surgery. Please continue to pray that all the cancer cells are removed from her body. She will undergo chemo and radiation therapy soon because...........she gave birth last night to the twins! They were born both just over 3 lbs each. As I understand it, L is breathing on her own and S is on a ventilator. They were 30 weeks gestation. Please pray for their health and for them to grow stronger every day.

The Murphy family is basically without a home until they arrive in Texas, all their belongings left for Texas yesterday. They will remain here temporarily, maybe up to 10 weeks, until the babies can travel. Please pray for the Murphy family to receive housing that will meet their needs. They do have 4 young girls (in addition to the twins...yes, 6 girls total!) and this transition time will be difficult, even under the best of circumstances.

Thank you again for your prayers and for everyone’s care and concern. I will do my best to give an update, understandably, Mrs. Murphy will not be able to email for a while. :)

In Christ,


  1. I am a fellow Catholic military homeschooling Mom in San Antonio Texas. Where are the Murphy's moving in Texas? Is it San Antonio? There are several military installations here that is why I ask. If they are moving here I would love to aid them in anyway I can with all they are going through. They are in my prayers!!

  2. Thank you. They moved to El Paso. Mrs. Murphy has an update on her blog. She also sent an email to our homeschool group, letting everyone know that they had all arrived safely and thanking everyone for their prayers and support.


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