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(1 Jn 4:16)

Monday, December 02, 2013

Christkindl Tradition

Over the years, I have shared many of our Advent traditions. In her book, Around the Year with the Trapp family, Maria Von Trapp shared how she and her family fostered love in their family during Advent with their Christkindl tradition.

Once more the mother appears with the bowl, which she passes around. This time the pieces of paper contain the names of the members of the family and are neatly rolled up, because the drawing has to be done in great secrecy. The person whose name one has drawn is now in one's special care. From this day until Christmas, one has to do as many little favors for him or her as one can. One has to provide at least one surprise every single day — but without ever being found out. This creates a wonderful atmosphere of joyful suspense, kindness, and thoughtfulness. Perhaps you will find that somebody has made your bed or shined your shoes or has informed you, in a disguised handwriting on a holy card, that "a rosary has been said for you today" or a number of sacrifices have been offered up. This new relationship is called "Christkindl" (Christ Child) in the old country, where children believe that the Christmas tree and the gifts under it are brought down by the Christ Child himself.

The beautiful thing about this particular custom is that the relationship is a reciprocal one. The person whose name I have drawn and who is under my care becomes for me the helpless little Christ Child in the manger; and as I am performing these many little acts of love and consideration for someone in the family I am really doing them for the Infant of Bethlehem, according to the word, "And he that shall receive one such little child in my name, receiveth me." That is why this particular person turns into "my Christkindl." At the same time I am the "Christkindl" also for the one I am caring for because I want to imitate the Holy Child and render all those little services in the same spirit as He did in that small house of Nazareth, when as a child He served His Mother and His foster father with a similar love and devotion.
Many times throughout these weeks can be heard such exclamations as, "I have a wonderful Christkindl this year!" or, "Goodness, I forgot to do something for my Christkindl and it is already suppertime!" It is a delightful custom, which creates much of the true Christmas spirit and ought to be spread far and wide.
I have wanted to incorporate this tradition into our family's Advent customs. Last Advent, my husband, children, and I finally enjoyed praying and doing special things for our Christkindl. So last night, we chose Christkindls once more. In order to make it easier for the younger children to find what prayer card they need, I made cards with pictures. Those cards can be found below. Simply download, print, and cut them. My husband printed three copies of each page and then I cut the individual prayers. We placed the prayers in the middle of our Advent Wreath and have already started using them.

I hope that everyone has a blessed and fruitful Advent.


  1. The prayer cards are a lovely idea - thank you for sharing them! We are doing the Christkindl tradition for the first time this year.

  2. You're welcome, Kimberlee.

  3. I have to get out our book and read about this. Very lovely.

    1. I have read and reread Around the Year with the Trapp Family over the years. It would be so nice if someone would republish it. I think that the book should be in every young mother's home. I bought my used copy around the birth of my second or third child.

    2. I kind of thought that Emmanuel Books sells it, no?

    3. Eva, Unfortunately, Around the Year with the Trapp Family has not been republished. Emmanuel Books does sell a chapter from the book, titled "The Land without a Sunday".

    4. That is what I was thinking about.


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