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(1 Jn 4:16)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Once again this year, my husband gave us the greatest Christmas gift possible by taking  us to Midnight Mass. As usual, Elizabeth and Finnian slept through the lessons and carols and the Mass. Patrick, however, surprised us this year by staying awake. After Mass, he told me, "Mommy, I think that I am definitely ready to receive my First Communion. I actually stayed awake for the whole Mass!" I enjoyed being able to give my full attention to the Mass.

After Mass, we headed home and some of the children wondered whether or not St. Nicholas had visited. When we went into the house, they were not disappointed. I wish that I had had a video camera turned on to capture Elizabeth's amazement as she exclaimed to me, "Mommy, St. Nicholas came!"

The older children guided the younger ones over to our manger and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Baby Jesus. (Bernadette did so privately later as she had to attend to Heidi.)

After they finished singing, the children started to open their presents. Each of them had their favorites.

Catherine was happy to receive a calligraphy kit.

Shortly after waking up on Christmas morning, Bernadette was heard playing music on the violin from the Lord of the Rings. She has continued to do so each day.

Brendan was very happy to receive tube balloons and an instructional booklet. He has been able to blow up tube balloons for a long time, but making figures out of them, like his great uncle does, has proven to be a little bit more challenging. His youngest sister and brother were delighted to be the recipients of dragon flies and parrots. I think that I am going to have to purchase this book for him soon.

Theresa likes the The Adventures Of Tintin Game for the Wii that her grandfather gave all of the children.

Patrick was delighted with the LEGO Kingdoms King's Castle that he and Finnian received from St. Nicholas. He also really likes the Nxt Generation crossbow that he received from his godparents.

Finnian was thrilled with his Buzz Bee shotgun that he received. He has been wanting one ever since Patrick received one for his birthday. I liked the fact that it was available for less than $10 at a couple of local stores. Both boys think that these shoot better than their Nerf guns.

Elizabeth has been spending hours playing with her Little People Nativity Scene (she received the Wisemen and their tents this year) and her Playmobil Castle.

All of the children are very excited about the Wii that their uncle gave them.

Once the presents were opened, we were all ready to head to bed to sleep for a little bit. Patrick and Finnian were up around seven, playing with their toys. The other children slowly meandered out of bed. My husband and I were surprised and thankful to receive breakfast in bed around 10. My feet hit the floor shortly after I finished breakfast.

At some point during the day, Catherine made pigs in a blanket, and some salamie and crackers were opened. While my husband and children played with the Wii, I prepared our Christmas dinner. Children occasionally wandered into the kitchen to help me, and to get a little something to eat and drink.

After eating our "Christmas feast" and praying our family Rosary, we went to bed happy and thankful for such a wonderful day.

I pray that everyone is enjoying the Christmas season.


  1. We enjoy seeing you all celebrate Christmas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you, Shelly. I enjoy seeing your photos and reading your blog.


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