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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Guidelines for Voting and more...

The following announcement was read from the pulpit on Sunday and appeared in our parish bulletin. I thought that it might be beneficial to share here.
As Tuesday is Election Day, a reminder that Catholics are morally obliged to uphold Church teaching in the selection of candidates and voting on public initiatives. In regards to conscience, remember that a well‐formed conscience never contradicts Church moral teaching, and it goes without saying that abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, and redefining marriage are non‐negotiable. 
In some political races, situations may arise where each candidate takes a wrong position on one or more issues involving non‐negotiable moral principles. In such a case, one may vote for the candidate who takes the fewest such positions or seems least likely to advance immoral legislation. A vote cast in such a situation is not the same as the positive endorsement of candidates, laws, or programs that promote intrinsic evils: it is only tolerating a lesser evil to avoid a greater one. Catholics must strive to put in place candidates, laws, and political programs that are in full accord with non‐negotiable moral principles. Where a perfect candidate, law, or program is not on the table, the best option is to be chosen, that is, the one that promotes the greatest good and entails the least evil. Sometimes not voting may be the only moral choice of action, but it must be considered whether not voting actually promotes good and limits evil in a specific instance. The role of citizens and elected officials is to promote intrinsic moral values as much as possible today while continuing to work toward better candidates, laws, and programs in the future. 
For more information, please consult the Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics at
A mom from one of our homeschool groups shared this video:

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  1. I couldn't agree more! I am praying Catholics go to the voting booth today and vote according to the Faith.


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