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(1 Jn 4:16)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Laudamus Te

On Sunday, I was delighted to finally see a copy of Laudamus Te, a new magazine for those who assist at the Latin Mass. Our pastor surprised many of us when he announced that he had ordered a bulk subscription to the magazine for our parish. I had been toying with subscribing to the magazine, but had not gotten around to doing so yet.

Our pastor described Laudamus Te as a Magnificat magazine for those who participate in the Extraordinary Rite. Margot Davidson (of Hillside Education), Therese Warmus, and Theodore Schluenderfritz write,
It is the mission of Laudamus Te to bear witness to the sublime beauty of the ancient Latin liturgy, to foster renewed devotion to its merits, and to aid the faithful in entering more deeply into its sacramental mysteries.
Based on the first issue of the magazine, I think that they are succeeding in their aim. I couldn't help pouring over it in on our drive home, sharing one of the poems with my family during Sunday dinner, and looking at it more before bed.

I am looking forward to using Laudamus Te during Mass and at home this Advent, and throughout the liturgical year. 


  1. I got my first issue and it is so lovely! We ordered some more to donate to church so others can use it. Such a wonderful new resource!

  2. Thanks for posting this. My son serves at our Latin Mass. This will be a great addition!

  3. Kimberlee, it is a wonderful resource.

    Eva, you're welcome.


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