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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lilla Rose Summer Sale, Mystery Hostess Party and Flexi of the Month

Lilla Rose is having a summer sale
and we are throwing a
4th of July Mystery Hostess Party!

When you place an order through the party link between June 25 and 26, you will save 10% and receive free shipping on orders over $40. You will also automatically be entered in the drawing to win the hostess rewards. We will draw the winning name on Independence Day!

The lucky winner may earn up to $150 in free products and up to 6 half-price items!

You can receive a second entry by letting your friends know about the mystery hostess party. Simply let me know in the comments or via email (prettynwrose at gmail dot com) how you shared the mystery hostess party link – on your blog, via email, Facebook, etc.

In addition, we are offering all new Lilla Rose customers "buy 3, get a 4th clip free"If you are ordering from Lilla Rose for the first time and you or anyone in your household have never redeemed a "Have-1-On-Us" coupon, you are eligible to get a free item of your choice, worth up to $16, when you order 3 or more items! Simply email me (prettynwrose at gmail dot com), telling me the item you would like after you place your order (do not order the 4th item yourself). This offer is only good through the party link (please make sure it says Christine). 

The mystery hostess party will stay open until midnight on Thursday!


Lilla Rose flexi clips work in fine, medium, and thick hair.

If you order the wrong size, Lilla Rose allows you to exchange the flexi clip within 90 days (keep the packaging). Lilla Rose will even pay for the return shipping.

A styling and sizing video is available on my Lilla Rose website.

I am happy to answer questions.

I just have to say that I like July's Flexi Clip of the Month so much that I ordered one for each of my daughters and one for me, plus extras for friends who might want them. I wouldn't be surprised if these clips sold out within a few days.

All those who made a purchase during my grand opening party will automatically be entered into the drawing. We really appreciate your kindness and support. Thank you!

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you to everyone who uses them. 


  1. Christine, I just linked a blog post to your mystery hostess party. What clip sizes do you use for your daughters?

    1. Thank you, Eva. You are now entered in the drawing to be the mystery hostess. :)

      I use a mini flexi in my youngest daughter's fine hair. An extra small flexi works if I want to put all her hair up, but she doesn't like it that way.
      The rest of my daughters and I do best with an extra small flexi clip for wearing our hair half up and a small flexi for wearing our hair in a pony tail. Bernadette has long hair and uses a medium-size clip in her Gibson tuck and her French twist. In the photo above, Theresa is wearing a mini flexi clip.

      If you have watched the sizing video and are wavering between two sizes, I would recommend ordering the smaller size. Keep all of your packaging and if a clip is the wrong size, you can exchange it for a different size within 90 days of the purchase date.

      How do your daughters like to wear their hair? Do they wear it in pony tails or half backs?

    2. Thanks so much, Christine. Only Flora, my youngest wears it in a half back, the others in pony tails. My oldest, Charlotte, has very thick and wavy hair. To put hers in a ballet bun is always a challenge. The others have finer hair, except Flora, whose hair is also fairly full.

    3. You;re welcome, Eva. If Charlotte has thick hair and you want to secure it in a ballet bun, you might want to try an extra large flexi clip or the you-pins. I was amazed to find that the you-pins could actually secure my hair. A video on how the you-pins work can be seen here.

    4. Do you think that the small would be also okay with the French twist for the smaller girls (Miriam 11 and Veronika 8)? Or would you need a medium for that?

    5. Since Miriam and Veronika have finer hair, the small should work for their French twists. I wish that we lived close to each other and I would come over and let your girls try the various sizes. Remember that you can exchange sizes (keep the packaging) if need be. :) The only item that cannot be exchanged is the one that you receive for free when you spend $40.

    6. Thanks again. I tried clicking on "shop now" on your store site, but the link is not working. I get an error message.

    7. Hi Eva,

      Please try using this link It is the party link. If that doesn't work, please let me know.

    8. That one is working fine!!

  2. I shared it on my blog Facebook page. I am eying up a few of these as Christmas gifts. (I like to do my Christmas shopping in July!)

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. Please let me know if you have any questions. I usually try to do my Christmas shopping year round. Lilla Rose is making it a little easier for me to figure out what I might be able to give to my daughters.


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