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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Best Budgeting Program

Over four years ago, a friend sent an email to our homeschool group, titled, "Budget is Not a Four-Letter Word". She caught my husband's and my attention. She influenced us to purchase YNAB (a.k.a. You Need a Budget). We started taking baby steps towards truly managing our finances and not living paycheck to paycheck.

Over four years later, we are still using YNAB and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thanks to YNAB, we know what we're spending and where our money is going. We know how to give every dollar a job before my husband even receives his paycheck. I am no longer stressing my husband out with my comments concerning money. YNAB has helped us "take control of our finances."

Full disclosure: After recommending YNAB for years simply because I like the program, I am now recommending YNAB not only because I think that it is the best budgeting program available, but also because the YNAB team, in addition to offering $6 off the purchase price of YNAB, is also giving me $6 for everyone who purchases the program through our link. Thank you to anyone who does so.

YNAB is currently offering $6 off when you use this link.

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