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Friday, October 27, 2006

10 Random Facts about Meme

I've had the honor of being tagged by Alice at Cottage Blessings and Margaret a.k.a. Minnesota Mom. Now for the challenge:

1. I am a middle child.

2. I was born in

3. Before moving to the United States, my family stayed in Switzerland and Canada. We visited various shrines, etc. while in Canada.

4. We entered the U.S. in New York and then proceeded to drive across the U.S., stopping at all the shrines along the way, until my mom found a state in which she wanted to live. When we arrived in Oregon, she had to decide whether we should go North or South. She chose North, but often said she should have chosen South. When we drove into Seattle, it was the middle of winter, clear weather with an incredible blue sky ~ my mom fell in love and ultimately helped shape the rest of our lives.

5. From the age of 12 or 13, I babysat for 3 wonderful children, Kyran, Kristin, and Kara, almost every week. I also stayed with them when their parents went on trips. When it came time to write my high school memories for my year book. I mentioned them as KKK, not knowing about the awful organization that uses these letters (yes, I was naive). When I learned what KKK means to most people, I was mortified. I pray that anyone who read or reads my memories never thought or thinks that I was referring to the organization. Kyran, Kristin, and Kara will always have a special place in my heart.

6. I was a valedictorian.

7. I double-majored in English and French with a minor in Philosophy, but my favorite subject is Math.

8. I saw Pope John Paul II in British Colombia (of course this doesn't hold a candle to the numerous times that my brother saw him in Rome).

9. I thought that I was being called to be a nun, until I met my best friend, my husband, at a young adult prayer group. We have continued to pray the Rosary together almost every night.

10. List making is not something that I typically do. I keep almost everything in my head from grocery lists, to telephone numbers, to schedules (since having children, I write appointments on the calendar for my family's benefit and mine when I am pregnant). My husband and some of my children are definite list makers, which might be good since I suffer from memory loss during pregnancy.

If you read this, please consider yourself tagged.


  1. Christine, this is such a great list! What an interesting life! That's so neat how they chose Seattle to live.

    I thought I was being called to be a nun, too. In fact, I was in the convent for 3 months until they booted me out. I meant to add that to my meme but I forgot!

  2. What a beautiful list!

    BTW, St. Anne de Beaupre in Canada is one of my favorite places in the world. I am sure you have been there!

  3. St. Anne de Beaupre is the shrine that I remember the most!


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